Project Research
  Despite the common belief that the Wind and Waves are moderate at Westports, we believe that our Key Mission of this initiative or Project is to combine wind, waves, water turbine and solar technologies into a SINGLE/COMBINED Comprehensive Energy. Alternative Processing Unit, which uses whatever natural resources we have surrounding us, and doesn't require a massive construction and offshore digging effort or costs, can be moved depending on changes in the sea or weather fronts to maximize efficiency.

A unit that combines these two should and will not only save space and construction costs but also make the units a more efficient energy producer as well as more easily and less costly to construct and maintain than any fixed solutions off shore. We know the main concern on everyoneʼs mind is that there is a lack of wind and high waves at the Westports and Pulau Indah area itself. However, we still believe we can use the natural resources which practically surround and flow over Westports and Pulau Indah. This can be done by researching and using alternative new Green Energy producing technologies and Intellectual Property in a joint venture whereby the Green Energy IP7 company uses Westport as its Asean or Asian home-base of production and distribution.

The concepts and ideas in the following research explains further:

Checkmate Sea’s Energy: Anaconda Wave Energy
Maximum Energy from Moderate Waves
Norwegian Offshore Technology: Langlee Wave Power
Combination of Offshore Wind, Solar, and Wave Energy Converter Technologies
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