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  Maximum Energy from Moderate Waves
  Norwegian Offshore Technology: Langlee Wave Power
Langlee Wave Power has developed a unique technology for converting the power of sea waves into electric power. It captures a greater proportion of wave energy than alternative systems — and is designed for conditions found near major coastal population centres.
Langlee's system is designed to work under the same conditions as offshore windfarms. The system is optimized for deployment in areas with moderate wave conditions, 2-4 meter seas, and is ideal for offshore windfarm sites. Power transmission, infrastructure and site approval costs can be shared with new or existing offshore windfarms.
Operating just beneath the water surface, the Langlee system is sheltered from damage during heavy storms, yet remains positioned where wave-energy conversion has its greatest potential. Only the top of each Langlee module's four steel buoyancy tubes is exposed to the splash zone. The Langlee design is simple. The system features a minimum number of moving parts, and no complex components are exposed to seawater. The system relies on proven technology and standard components.
The Langlee wave power converter concept is revolutionary – capturing maximum wave energy, which is concentrated just below the sea's surface. Nevertheless, Langlee system components use proven, Norwegian offshore technologies and construction standards. Sea waves move the hinged water wings of each submerged Langlee module, analogous to the way sound waves move the diaphragm of a microphone.
Energy absorbed from wave motion by the moving water wings drives a hydraulic system, which powers electric generators. The array of Langlee power converter modules floats, for best energy capture; wave energy is highest just beneath the water surface. The Langlee system is anchored to the seabed. Each Langlee module has two pair of water wings, located one-half wavelength apart, move in opposing directions as waves pass through the Langlee array.
Since the Langlee system is designed to operate under the same wave conditions as today's offshore windfarms, their market focus will be on sites currently under development. This focus allows customers to add wave-energy production that utilizes already available infrastructure, such as subsea transmission cables and related facilities and maintenance personnel.
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